International students

Højskolens educational project

The Højskolens curriculum is built around the sports subjects, added to by the common knowledge subjects, morning assembly, lectures and themed days, all in a traditional Højsklen environment and a focus on your own development as a human being and within society, in which one is aware of ones role for others. We aim to do the best for the future and beyond. The educational project is all about making the world a bigger place for you. 


Sport - Your choice of

Handball 14 sessions per week

Football 14 sessions per week

Mountainbiking 14 sessions per week

Amazon Bike 14 sessions per week (Trip to Brazil)

Run-fitness 14 sessions per week (Trip to China)


Ghana: an educational jouney

All students shall undertake a trip to Ghana in Western Africa, included in the price of the term at Højskolen. Vaccinations and visa are not included. You can rest assured that you will take the trip and return a changed person, with a new perspective on you own life and an unforgettable experience. 


Lifeskills - You will enjoy talks on


Film, arts and books 4 lessons per week 

Sports psychology 2 lessons per week

Social entrepreneurship 4 lessons per week

Body and mind 2 lessons per week 

Lectures, singing, morning assembly 2 lessons per week





In the handball line the Højskolen students are trained amongst others by Viborg HKs own professionals. We see your stay at the Højskolen as a process in which you aim to take your handball play as far as possible, with the potential you bring with you. We strive to give you the best possible training for you to develop qualities you can use for your development. This should enable you to take your handball play to the highest possible level once you leave the Hojskolen. 


Instructors: Ole Bitsch, Ann Grete Nørgaard, Rikke Skov



In close cooperation with Racing Viborg, the aim in mountainbiking is to build you up in the best possible way for your sport and develop your technical skills. Thus the training will primarily be done by the teams coaches and riders.

All are welcome on the course, you do not need to be on a high level at the start of the course. But we have the perfect terrain on our doorstep in Hald Ege and Dollerup Bakker, we have ideal conditions for intensive training and focus on your aims. Our expectations are. that you meet up with large commitment and a drive to improve yourself.

Instructors: Michael Rasmussen and Chris Mads Rasmussen



The football line in Hald Ege is established in cooperation with Viborg FF professionals and Team Viborg. The training and teaching is carried out by Højskolen teachers who typically are also coach at the professional football club as well as guest lecturers from an ambitious environment. Aim of the practical training in football is that you develop both technically and tactically, as well as physically and psychologically.

All are welcome, irrespective of level, but we have big expectations regarding your ambitions and input, in order to lift your football game to the highest possible level by the time you leave the Højskolen. 

Instructors: Jonas Kamper, Steffen Højer and Ralf Pedersen



Practical issues - did we get you interested?


Price, registration, start of the course and contact details

A stay at Højkolen Hald Ege costs 1500 Danish Kr per week, that covers all your needs at the school, including accomodation and full board from our professional chefs. We offer two courses of 20 weeks each, one starting in January, one in August. Call +4586638255 or +4521489279 to hear more or use the contact form on our website. We will invite you to a meeting, to tell you more.